Inline html not working on md files

Hi all,

I am having an issue with inline HTML when editing markdown files on nextcloud that is working with picoCMS websites app.
When editing the md files on nextcloud on a picoCMS app website, inline html is not working for some tags. For instance, if I write & copy ; it parses it and shows the copyright char.

But when write html code like < b > or other syntax specified in

It simple is displayed as text.
I verified the picoCMS config.yml and autoescape is html
on the content_config area,
escape: false

Is there any other config file that should be configured in order to inline html is correctly processed by picoCMS and nextcloud on markdown files ?

I only accomplished to write inline HTML on the twig file but I guess that is obviously working.
thanks you for any hint you might have on helping solving this
best regards

You’re a step ahead of me then. Where did you verify this? Where is config.yml on the Nextcloud PicoCMS install?