Initial setting of the display state of the sidebar

In recent Collabora, the “sidebar” is always displayed. Users can change the display status by clicking the upper menu or the upper right sidebar icon.
But this is unpopular among our users. They like “hide on startup”. If they need them, they want to show them themselves.

Is there a way to hide the default setting?

Collabora 6.2-4, loolwsd 4.2.0, Collabora Online app 3.5.2, NC18.0.1


I was asking myself the same thing. Is kind annoying.

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Same here, since we just type text in a (calc) calendar that shouldn’t get any ney formating

Although it is different from the main subject, please tell me the behavior.
I set the background color for text in Writer. Next I try to set “No background color” from the right sidebar. As a result, the background color cannot be invalidated.
The only way to make the background color transparent is to make various settings from the top toolbar. I have such restrictions, so the right sidebar is even harder to use.

I 'd try to look for the right forum and search for customisaton colors or theme or create an own post for my question.

I’m curious if you find the answer.

Also looking for this, so far no luck with online search.

is anyone a Collabora Partner, or is your hoster a Collabora partner?
Then please use the support ticket system to ask for this.

I did not find a clean way to deactivate the sidebar, but here is a little workaround:

Look for the file loleaflet/dist/bundle.js

if(window.mode.isDesktop()&&!window.ThisIsAMobileApp){map._socket.sendMessage('uno .uno:SidebarShow');}

if(window.mode.isDesktop()&&!window.ThisIsAMobileApp){map._socket.sendMessage('uno .uno:Sidebar');}

So without SidebarShow it will just trigger the funtion and will turn the sidebar off after the document is loaded.

Reload your CODE/Collabora and clean your browser cache.

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I have this file empty… =(