Initial android calendar/contact sync

Hi - new user here. Just successfully setup NC on a Pi 3. I’m trying to load my android calendar/contacts to the NC apps and begin synchronization. I have installed the NC android app and can see my NC files. Also installed DAVdroid on my phone. No calendar data or contacts appear on the NC cal or contact apps. How do I do the initial load?

Raspbian 9 stretch
Nextcloud 12.0.4
Apache 2.4.25, with HTTP2 enabled
PHP 7.0

Maybe stupid question, but did you also configure DAVdroid? See:

Thought so. Added a DAVdroid account by logging in with the URL and user name method. That login then goes to the “Create account” screen that wants my email address as the account name. Then tapped on that account and clicked on “contacts” in the CardDav box, and “Personal” in the CalDAV box. Hit the sync symbol.l and… nothing has shown up on the NC Cal or Contact apps.

Solved it. Just needed the specific NC calendar to be the master. Exported current calendar, imported into NC calendar, then linked Lightening and Android to the NC calendar. Live sync working.