Inheritance of permissions of parent folders to subfolders in the shares


I just noticed that permissions of subfolders are ignored if the parent folder is set with other rights. So the rights of the parent folders always win. Because I want to set up different rights for different folders including parent folders and subfolders and the customers get the public links to the parent folders, how can this be managed? Please notice that I want to work with just ONE public link of the parent folder (main folder)!


you should search the forums for this particular question as it comes up repeatedly from time to time.

If i remember correctly it’s not possible to have different permissions on subfolders.

So this should be implemented as an option in the future


Well… rather not, I guess… You need to keep in mind, that NC doesn’t work like a traditional file server… Shares are always bound to a user’s account and thus ultimately are belong to it. NC has a concept of ACLs, which you could apply to a group folder, but I haven’t tried that.

Regarding your feature request - you may want to head over to NC’s base github page and check the issues for that. I am sure you will find at least a handful of such requests and you could check what the devs are saying, if they want to implement such a feature or not.