Inheritance of login status in share URL(share via link)

When I open a Collabora file from a shared URL I will definitely become a guest user in Collabora. And “Add to your Nextcloud” does not work.

It is not a Direct link. In the case of a direct link, the data is not opened, and a list of directories where the data exists is displayed.

Please tell me how to continue user login status when a user already logged into NC comes from a shared URL.

Nextcloud 15.0.4 / CentOS 7.6 / Nginx 1.14.1 / PHP 7.3.2 / Collabora Office 6.0-23

I am confused. This is not limited to Collabora, it seems that simple text files will be treated as “guest users”. I allow public uploads in the administrator’s settings but NC can not inherit users.

When accessing with a shared URL/link, is it specification that becoming a guest user under any condition? There is also a question that “adding to your NC” does not work either.

Please let me know the exact behavior of the shared link.

[Share link]
When URL sharing is enabled, public sharing is automatically enabled. In other words, anyone who knows the URL can view it. When the user accesses data from this URL, the user enters the direct edit/viewing mode.

[Direct link]
This is completely NC users only. When entering from this URL, the hierarchy where the data is located is displayed instead of the data.

I desire a direct link as an operation.
I want Direct link to enter direct editing mode when coming from shared link.
Can I change this behavior?

When Nextcloud users share files via a share URL, is it a “guest user” that is the Nextcloud/Collabora specification?

It seems that if I have installed the Collabora online application, I will try to open it with Collabora even with plain text files. Is this effect?
When I disable the Collabora Online application, plain text files will only be download via the share URL. “Add to your Nextcloud” This doesn’t work.