Info.xml problem with require min and require max of ownCloud and Nextcloud version

Hi, I wast just thinking about something.

Currently both Nextcloud and ownCloud use the <owncloud min-version="" max-version=""/> tag inside info.xml. (specific in the dependencies section)

The problem is that an app could support Nextcloud 10 but no necessarily ownCloud 10. (especially since this means a totally different release).

There are multiple solutions for this:

  • introduce a nextcloud tag
  • release two versions of an app

cc @BernhardPosselt for the appstore

EDIT: please note that this isn’t a big problem, just something we have to keep in mind I guess. :smile:

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ownCloud 9.1 is Nextcloud 10
ownCloud 9.2 is Nextcloud 11

Afterwards we will have a look at this again.
Until then use the owncloud-tag with the translated number.
The UI will still show “version 10 is required”, since I fixed that recently:

Afaik in nextcloud 10 you can just add

<nextcloud min-version="10"/>

@BernhardPosselt @nickvergessen

Where to add this owncloud-tag with the translated number that the system accept the app?
Does it always work in this format as mentioned: <nextcloud min-version="10"/> ?

I would like to use this at one app if it works at NC 10


No, we only check <owncloud min-version="9.1"/> for now (NC 9, NC 10), also see docs: