Info about activities other than E-Mail

Is it possible to do anything like running a script or calling an URL/API instead of sending an e-mail on activities?

Must be possible, the client also shows notifications.
@nickvergessen can perhaps give you some pointers.

There is also a documentation in the repo:

Not really planned atm. But there is an RSS feed, so you could listen to that and do your thing.

Hi Joas

Thank you for your reply.

What is the price for developing such a feature?

It should be possible to make configurable API Calls, triggered by the different activities on Nextcloud.
As a sample, when somobody ist uploading a file, nextcloud should make an API Call with all the infos like what, where, when and who.
The RSS feed is not what we want. It is too mucht text, and we need something not [only] user based/limited.

Please let me know your thougths and/or send me an address to have a talk in german.

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Hi, I realize this thread goes back some months, but want to check-in on it as I was just researching activity API calls. Did you make any progress?