Indexing performance


I am wondering, what the basic factors are, that need to be looked after, when trying to index a 500+ user/4+ TB NC instance. Currently, the occ command is running on a single core using 55% CPU, but there’s only some output now and then, but nothing most of the time.

You mean for example an output like this, do you?

- RAM: 17.215286254883
- RAM: 18.495140075684
- RAM: 30.260604858398
- RAM: 30.260604858398
- RAM: 30.26091003418

That means the indexer command is not yet finished and need more time to complete.

If it takes too much time, i recommend a screen session for the indexer command.

Yeah - I am already using a screen session for the initial index - but this beast could probably use some threadding and index multiple accounts at the same time, maybe as much as there are available cores. The way it is done now, there’s only one thread running, which indexex all accounts sequentially.