Indent left/right bullet points in .md files on mobile

Howdy all. I came to NextCloud from Google Drive. I use Google Docs extensively, and I love organizing information using bullet points.

I also access my G Docs on my phone, using my Android keyboard to edit info. This works like a charm.

I created my first simple .md doc in NextCloud and I love the simplicity of the controls. (compared to opening an Only Office doc with a bajillion controls)

The issue I am running into is indenting and un-indenting the bullet points on my Android phone.

On G Docs in mobile view there are handy little indent right/left buttons that appear. I think this is a feature of G Docs itself.

On a .md file on mobile however, there are no indent right/left buttons.

I switched to the BeHe Keyboard which has the Tab key. This allows me to indent bullets to the right, but no way to un-indent back to the left.

Anyone know a solution?