Incredibly slow instance of nextcloud 20 by snap install

here is my nextcloud installation:

since a few weeks it is so damn slow to reach by web interface (more than one MINUTE sometimes) that my monitoring system says it is constantly down.

but my server answers to pings at a very correct 20 ms, and the “htop” commands shows very low ressources occupations.
4.7% of memory for the snap nextcloud, 0.7% of CPU.
36% of disk space is taken only.
the server is a KS-2 at OVH/Kimsufi.

so this is a complete mystery why it is so slow.

any idea how i can fix this ?

You have to desactivate “collaboration” pluggins . There are two installed by default.
Nextcloud 20.0.3 snap1Interface Incredibly Slow - still not fixed?

Indeed, as @fabrice.admin mentions, this isn’t an issue with the snap, it’s a known bug with Collabora. Please add your voice over there.

For the new Nextcloud-users like me:
You can disable Collabora in the “apps” settings menu.
If you click on your profile at the top right you see “+ apps” in the menu.
Find the apps containing “collabora” in their names in the list.
Disable only Collabora Online.