Increase speed of activity notification

Currently still on Nextcloud 11.0.3

When I share public links and someone downloads the files, it’ll be at least an hour before a notification comes through.
How can I make this instant? I don’t mind a little spam.

Bump! :thumbsup:

I believe code changes are necessary to allow an instant or nearly instant notification. This would probably be a feature request then.
You have my support, because a ~1 hour notification delay is too long for me as well.

I’m wondering what happens, when you change the value in the database as a temporary solution. It would “break” the GUI probably, be when these values are stored and fetched from the DB that should work, right?

This suggests I could create a cron with occ activity:send-mails running every 5 mins?


Yeah, if that is done it works fine.

You can also change the time in the database, it wont break the GUI. Just when ever you change any settings of the activity app the value will be “fixed” again.
So the occ call as a separate cron is the better idea.


Perfect, thank you!

Appears to have had 0 effect on my install. It’s 09:46 and this has only just now come in:

Hello Jason Bayton,

You are receiving this email because the following things happened at https://xyz/

* IMG_20170523_231540355.jpg downloaded via public link - Today at 08:16:13
* IMG_20170523_231540355.jpg downloaded via public link - Today at 08:16:16
* IMG_20170523_231540355.jpg downloaded via public link - Today at 08:16:25

Cron is as follows:

*/5 * * * * php /var/www/nextcloud/occ activity:send-mails

Cron output states:

There are no commands defined in the "activity" namespace.

Edit: Is this a server 12+ only option? Docs for v11 don’t mention it:

Yeah nextcloud 12 feature, so it’s 12+ only, because we dont backport features :wink:

I can feel the sass from here :laughing:

Now it is

*/2 * * * * /usr/bin/php -f /var/www/nextcloud/cron.php

works fine here (NC 15)