Incorrect warning server-side encryption

Hello Community,

I’m runnig a fairly old instance of Nextcloud, it was built up with version 10. In earlier days i used server-side encryption but switched it of someday (about two years ago).

Since that day, the switch for this function shows “off”, but nextcloud still says “The old server-side encryption format is enabled. We recommend to deactivate it.”

I ignored this for long but would really like to fix this now.
Meanwhile the instance is on version 27.0.1.

What I already tried: re-activating the server-side encryption and disabling it again via SSH (occ encryption:disable). This indeed disabled the encryption but the warning message still persists.

What can I do to get rid of the warning respectively the setting what is triggering it?

Thanks for any help!

You may be looking for occ encryption:scan:legacy-format:

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Fantastic, this did the trick.
Thank you very much!

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