Inconsistent/random file read failures with Nextcloud Android app

I am running Nextcloud Hub with a Pi4 4GB. Attached is a 1TB USB storage device but I also use CIFS to access a music and photo library on a 16TB array. I am accessing this from remote via the Android app and NO-IP through an allowed port.

What I am seeing is that when browsing pictures the app will randomly stop displaying photos and just show a spinning icon o the phone’s status bar. This also happens with cloudbeats and music. Many times if I restart the NC client app or cloudbeats I can then continue with the photo or mp3 that had originally hung. May times with cloudbeats just skipping to the next mp3 or waiting many minutes will get it playing again. All of the failures are happing with CIFS accessed file shares. Since I have few items on the local storage I haven’t really noticed the file access issues there.

I have looked to any log entries I can find that might show when these failures are occurring. I can not find any errors in any logs that I can find. I think I have found the NextCloud hub logs and I have scoured the system logs in /var/logs. What else should I be looking at?