Inconsistency on Nginx

I love my nextcloud server running on a Yunohost 32Bit server. I’m trying to upgrade to a nginx64-bit server.

The new installation of nextcloud server shows exactly the result below: Cut banner, no functional link and crash when I use the visible form.

I would need help to understand what’s going on please.

The php-m command tells me that I have installed the necessary modules.

Nginx - t displays ok for the configuration file.

Thanks for your help.

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Please check logfiles for errors:

For problems on the GUI, check also in the browser if all resources were loaded (and nothing was blocked by anti-virus or add-blocker). Try different browser or the private mode if it changes.

the css files are not send to your browser. i think. you may check your nginx config.

which howto did you use to install?

Thank you for looking into this.
I found the solution by doing an ‘enabled mariadb and php’.
On my first tutorial I only did the enabled on the web server.
Since then everything works fine.

this tutorial is excellent :