Include Letsencrypt in Web installer - whish

I have installed NC12 on a shared server. It miss SSL. It disables me from importing Google calDav.
The host can install SSL but for a rather high monthly cost. Would it be possible to include SSL from Letsencrypt in the web-installer? Preferably with chron renewal.

if you have ssh access to your share server, you can “easily” install letsencrypt CA.

as lestencrypt is a third party organisation and software i dont think nextcloud will spend time to seek their approval and contrat an agreement. It take time, money. Furthermore, as the letsencrypt process (cerbot) evolve, they (nextcloud) will have to retest it on every release.

the chron renewal is included in the cerbot process, as the cerbot process is specially created for a specific server footprint.

also, some share server dont have all dependency set and/or shared as they may impact other services.

There would be no need to do so, and no need to use the certbot software, either. There are dozens of client implementations, including some in PHP, so building the code into Nextcloud should be quite do-able. The problem is that, having obtained the cert, you still need to implement it, and that’s something Nextcloud can’t do, as it requires changes to the web server configuration. The better answer is to use a less user-hostile web host.