In the T&M VM, Is it ok to change the user (or uid) that NC runs as?

In the T&M VM, I would like to do either:

  1. change from www-data to a new user like nextcloud
  2. keep using www-data but change the UID and GID of www-data to something above 1000.

Which one would be better? Will these changes get overwritten or cause problems with the VM scripts?

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I’m using the T&M VM on a QNAP NAS. Initially, I set up several CIFS shares from the NAS and used the external storage app for those. I think I’d like to move most of the documents to NC’s internal storage, but I want to do this over and with the data directory as an NFS mount. I know how to do that, and how to migrate safely.

My question is about syncing uid:gid with the NAS. I’m sort of limited to the uid and gid I can pick for users on the QNAP side. In order to make it a real user in the QNAP settings GUI, UID and GID need to be >1000. In the VM, NC runs under the standard www-data:www-data which is 33:33 on my system.

So, I would like to either run NC under a completely different user, or manually the uid:gid of www-data to something >1000. Whichever I do, I know I’ll need to update the owner for all files currently owned by www-data I know the linux commands to get this done, my question is if doing either of these will break anything about the VM management / update scripts. Or if a future update will revert my changes. If either will work, which one is preferred?

I ended up doing this just now. I decided to keep the username and groupname of www-data and just change the UID and GID to 1002. I chose this because it looked like a few things on the system use the username and groupname as string and I didn’t want to miss something

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