In the calendar, event participants cannot edit the event on an equal footing with the founder

Hello there! I’ve been using the web version of the calendar (browser-based) for a month and a half with a small team and haven’t noticed this problem.

Now, if I’m the founder of an event and I invite several participants, and they accept the invitation and then want to change the time of the event - only they have the time changed (as well as the title and so on). This seems to have been observed since about February 15.

The calendar sort of splits into mine (the founder’s) and their personal ones. And they are editing a new common event, it ceases to be related to the original. Which only confuses all participants and makes no sense from UX point of view.

If participants couldn’t edit the event for everyone, these functions would be inactive, I think. But the fields can be changed.

Can you please tell me if anyone has encountered this problem?
Have a nice day!