In case I have more account it's possivle view only the email ofe the select account

Hi guys, I create in Mail app two account, one with the email address of my work and one for my personal email.

If in the left column I select only one account, in the next column, the one where I see the previews of the emails, I also see the email of the other account.
Is it possible to see the previews of the emails of the only selected account, as I make in outlook?
Thanks and ciao

That’s the way it works, there is a combined inbox for all accounts, but if you select one account on the left, only the mails of this account are shown.

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Thanks now work fine…the problem was that I used two different my email address, which, however, have the same username and Nextcloud, rightly, consider the two email addresses as one address. I changed the username to one of the two addresses and now everything works fine.
Thanks and ciao