Improving deck relationship management

Hi everyone,

Some time ago I created a ticket on GitHub for improving the relationships UI. Recently I was told that it would be more appropriate to send this request to the Nextcloud Server team as it deals with design.

Before I do that, I thought it might be a good idea to ask the community for any additional ideas you might have that could make the relationships better.

Below are the issues I’ve already opened that are related to relationships and below that are some additional ideas/thoughts on the topic.

Current Related issues that I’ve opened:

Parent ticket for improved relations:

Related tickets:

exclude archived projects by default in relationships

Add lists to the menu when selecting a card relationship

Add visual clue on cards for relationships

Mobile: Allow creation of relationships

Some other ideas on what can be improved (please add your own ideas):

  • Provide the ability to define parent/child relationship with visual clue.
  • Remove the detailed view as it makes no sense to show the current card as you are already in context.
  • Make the title of the relationship (from the title of the related card) clickable and remove the icons to the right
  • Use better icons to make it more obvious the type of connection. Create a different icon for the link to card.
  • Move relations to the bottom of the detail card instead of on top (improves viewability of content)
    Task Relationships
  • Provide visual clue on cards of relationship (visibility of direction of relations would be best)

So what’s your opinion on the points above and what, if any, additional points would you add to this discussion?

Edit: removed paragraph that someone viewed as inappropriate. :confused: