Improvements to trash bins and logs

Hi, I would like to use NextCloud in my company.
Please let me know about the following points
Can I disable (hide) “Delete permanently” in the user’s recycle bin?
Can only administrators delete a user’s recycle bin?
It doesn’t have to be a GUI.
In the log file, Japanese characters are shown as strings like “\u3093\u3060\u773c”。 Is there any way to record them in Japanese?
Is there any way to record in 5W1H?

Thank you.

Translated with (free version)

Good question, I haven’t seen an option for that. Make sure the file is really an issue of the logfile and not the text editor that is not showing UTF-8 properly.

You can try to make a feature request and/or try yourself to change the encoding of the logfiles, that it supports UTF-8. Or for a quicker (and perhaps more dirty version) write a small script to convert: encoding - How to convert escaped Unicode (e.g. \u0432\u0441\u0435) to UTF-8 chars (все) in Notepad++ - Stack Overflow (I didn’t test it)

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Thank You.
To make the log files easier to read and to convert them to Japanese, we decided to use Python to convert the log files.

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