Improve performance - Propfind

Hi, I have some time using Nextcloud and it’s great but I think the performance could be improved. A recurring complain from my users is that the folders with many elements (900 folders) load slowly, checking the console I can see that it takes some seconds (6 seconds average for 200 folders) a Propfind request, I have tried changing mysql for postgresql and changing Apache for Nginx, but that doesn’t help, it only gets 1 or 2 seconds of improvement. The interesting thing is that it’s the same on a bare metal server, or virtualized, with magnetic or SSD disk, even tried with NVMe but doesn’t help. After some tests I made a test with Seafile and was surprised that loading the same folder with 900 elements takes only 0.989 ms compared with 6 seconds average of Nextcloud, I hope something could be done to improve this long loading times.

Thank in advance.

Caching usually helps, especially the default database settings are not perfect for Nextcloud. There should be a few topics around here, and there are some tools like mysqltuner or

Hi, I have installed redis, apcu, opcache, but it doesn’t help, are there any alternative for the propfind method? is the thing that slows everything, thanks.

I did a test on my setup. A user with very few files, I added a new folder and within that folder, I created 1000 subfolders. Then I connected via webscp (webdav protocol) and also checked via webinterface. It took about 1-2 s. It is hard to measure, it wasn’t instantly but nothing to complain.