Impossible too sync with Lightning but ok with my phone


I was installed Nextcloud on a private serveur with :slight_smile:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS,
  • Nginx,

I work whith Ubuntu 16.04 LTS at home and with Windows 7

Both have thunderbird and lightning.

I’m ready to change thunderbird and/or lightnong for anything else. But what ?

On Ubuntu, I can use Evolution. But on Windows ?

Thanks for help


If Thunderbird will fail while syncing your calendar and addressbook please set/change thunderbirds config to …http2=false


this is probably caused by your ssl cipher.
you could try to add !AES128 to your cipher, what could solve this issue either.
cheers, carsten


Thanks for this help.

!AES128 is in Cipher.

It’s a bug from Lignhtning.

Someone has fond a solution because Lightning dosn’t know how to rermember Id.
He uses “@” but a forget the link… so, i dnt have the good syntaxe.

I’m looking fir that à say you this solution