Impossible to decrypt files after storage problem

Due to a storage error on a user’s profile, an account accessed with a virtual drive lost all the files (I don’t know why…).

I found files in the account’s files_trashbin folder (don’t know why too). So I moved them (encryption key as well) on the files folder. But I didn’t put them back in their folders, I placed everything at the root of the “files” folder (except the keys which are in “files_encryption”).

Then I first ran a file scan for that specific user. All files then became visible on the web interface and with the agent.

But the files were not decrypted.

So I tried to decrypt files using “occ encryption:decrypt-all” command for this specified user.

The command says “all files can be successfully decrypted!”.

But looking at the nextcloud.log log file I see these lines:
“Inconsistent data, File unshared, but owner not found. Should not happen”

And the files are not decrypted.

Do we have to respect the exact path of the files to allow their decryption?

What command can I issue to decrypt indicating the location of the encryption keys?