Impossible migration from OC

Hi, I had a Owncloud installation ( that I wanted to migrate no NC. Downloaded and ran the updater and after solving some PHP problems I tried to start the migration from the command line.
I received the message: “Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported. Update failed” so I think the updater has messed up something and probably installed the wrong NC version. I’d like to know what NC version I can download that is compatible with OC, to try to recover my installation, is there a sort of “compatibility sheet” that includes every possible release of OC and NC?

Thank you

For ownCloud 10.5 it would be Nextcloud 20: Migration: ownCloud vs Nextcloud – Nextcloud
Not sure about oC 10.6, you can try Nextcloud 20, if that doesn’t work, perhaps NC 21 (will be released next month).