Impossible de mettre à jour nextcloud


j’ai un message d’erreur quand je veux mettre mon nextcloud sur débian à jour et je ne sais pas quoi faire merci pour votre aide

voilà le message des logs Failed to connect to the database: An exception occurred in driver comment je dois faire ?

I am sorry but i can’t speak any france.
The error message states that you dont have any connection to your database server.
Just try to restart the mariadb server or check it’s logs for futher details.

Thank you for your help I have another error unfortunately I do not know what to do here is what the logs indicate

DriverException: An exception occurred while executing 'SELECT fileid FROM oc_filecache WHEREbrave_D3KDeJPyy777

Just what i thought: it seams your mariadb server and or client has crushed on your linux system. You should try to reinstall the mariadb packages and take a good look if there are any brooken packages and might fix them.

My guess is that this isn’t a problem of nextcloud itself but one of the packages it releays on.

Thank you for your answer Mariadb is running well on the machine I can access to phpmyadmin and the database


voilà l’erreur sql
here is the sql error