Imported calendar not displaying in v2.2.2


I started a fresh Nextcloud (NC21) install, and imported my ics calendar. However, the interface is not displaying the calendar events which is strange. I tried all the different views without any success. I tried to reload the page, and restart the docker containers.

When looking at the Activity panel, I can see that the calendar is being imported and that some events are created. When clicking on the events from the Activity panel, I am able to open the event in the calendar, but the same event never displays in the calendar view.

Interestingly, if I try to download the calendar I imported from the Nextcloud Calendar interface, I download an empty file.

For reference I was able to import the same calendar a week ago successfully (on a fresh Nextcloud instance, using supposedly Calendar v2.2.1 ?).

My bad (:

The ics file was very large, and I probably switched to another Nextcloud app before it was fully imported, making the import fail without error logging.

Make sure to wait until the calendar is fully imported :slight_smile: