Important Feature request / App idea / for the activities app

If I as a provider of learning content (educational center) teach participants via Nextcloud, i.e. provide them with learning materials through file sharing, the activities of individual persons must be traceable and logged. It would be great if you could filter out individual participants using a search function, for example, and then print out this list or save it as a PDF. Exactly the same thing is required by the control authorities of the project sponsors. They want to see this archived in the way of a pdf…especially in Germany! It must be quick and easy to understand what the participant/pupil “Max Muster” has done with the files he was given. So a search function and a “save as …pdf” function would have to be built into the Activity App. The best way to do this is also in the split file view (right sidebar). This would be great!

that sounds like a valid feature request…

i would file it on github… and mark it a featurerequest for educational institutions.

as for now i would suggest to get yourself a student doing the coding of that one for you. i think it would be possible.

Thanks for the advice. This is currently not possible for us. We will have to wait and see if the developers generally accept this request and implement it promptly. (Which I hope).

But I can say in general that at least in Germany almost all educational centers will get the projects approved by the jobcenters and the employment agency. These are the controlling authorities who would like to see randomly what the teacher and the respective participants/pupils of the respective project do with the provided documents. There is also a documentation obligation for the projects.

According to what you read these days, a lot of educational centers in Germany have set up Nextcloud.

I just did. It’s on github (

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