Importance of Nextcloud domain name


during initial setup on port 8080 of a new AIO, the very first thing to be set is the domain name for the nextcould instance.

How does this domain name affect the whole? Is everything tied to that domain, so that one is forced to use this domain name only, as everything else will fail? Or does nextcloud basically work too, when it’s accessed eg. by the hosts IP address or as “localhost” (locally from the host where it’s installed on)?

I’m trying to understand the basics (as I’m still not able to connect to AIO after initial setup). Thank you

I can answer on this now by myself: the domain name is the way how nextcloud internally works. Eg. if you point your browser to your nextclouds IP address, the login is redirected to the domain. If the domain isnt resolveable (DNS, hosts), no connection possible.
So yes, the domain name is important/crucial, as everything seems to be tied to that name, no support for IP-address-only access. (At least out-of-the-box)

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