Import problems

Hi there,

to start I have exported the bookmarks.html from my browser at work. The bookmarks are organized in folders in the toolbar menu of firefox. If I import the file, only the bookmarks are imported which are not in a folder, all others are missing.

For test purposes I have copy the other bookmarks from a folder to the other bookmarks tab in firefox, export and import again and these are shown correctly.

Seems that only the latest DL tag in the hmtl file is imported. Are there known problems or solutions?


NC 15.0.5
Bookmark app 0.16.4

no one an idea? I can send the file for test purposes.

Do you have an idea @marcelklehr what is going wrong during the import here?

Sorry for the delay. This sounds like a bug. Which browser did you export the bookmarks from? Firefox I assume. :smile: Is there anything in the nextcloud logs?

I’m unable to replicate this with exporting from either chrome or firefox. :confused:

it logged:

Undefined offset: -1 at /var/www/virtual/xxxxxxxxxxxxx/owncloud/htdocs/apps/bookmarks/lib/BookmarksParser.php#204

If you give me a mail address, I will send you the file.

Interesting. My mail address is available over here: (I’m reluctant to post it in clear text :wink: )

Thanks, the file was a tremendous help! I hate that format even more, but it works now… Incidentally, which version of firefox produced this?

Firefox 66.0.2 64-bit on Win7 client. How do you getting it to work?

Check-out the code repository which lists the applied fixed in v0.17.0.

have tested version 0.17, worked fine. Thanks a lot @marcelklehr

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