Import / Migrate Data from old installation to new

Good morning,

I’ll keep my question as short and concise as possible:
I have an existing Nextcloud installation that was set up by other people many years ago. The system is now very maintenance-intensive and inconsistent.

I would like to completely rebuild the Nextcloud and later only take over (import / migrate / whatever) the content (data and users).

Is there a viable way to bring this data over to a new installation?

Thank you very much and best regards

Which NC version are you running?

Is there any chance to get it up to NC24?

How and where is your data stored?

How will your new NC will be setup?

Hi Jimmy,

thank you for your quick response.

NC24 is the used version, yes.

Data is stored in the file system, i think without any database?!

The new installation will be setted up by the documentation. Debian System and installation by package from the website.

very good.
Have you read this?

awww and maybe this app would help as well

(though it seems as if it’s needed to login as every user)