Import into contacts - directing the import to a specific NC list - use to be able to, now cannot

I don’t know if this is the proper forum for this message…perhaps it would be better on the github for Contacts but here is my feature request. If memory serves; Contacts in OC 7 allows for for the importing of contacts into a specific OC list, i.e., the import interface provided for directing the import to a particular list. I’ve been waiting for this feature to return but as of yet it has not. It seems to me to be a fairly basic and important feature. So the question is:

  1. Is there currently a way to import contacts into NC-Contacts and direct the import to a particular list?

Thanks for all the hard work on this great project!

Well… I checked out the new contacts app as well and the issue you mentioned is not the only one. The app has some other shortcomings, too. E.g. you can’t modify/delete more than one contact at a time, which makes managing group memberships actually useless.

As this is a new app, Github is probably the place to go, to check/raise an issue.