Import ICS event in my NextCloud Cal with a mail address

Sometimes we need to include a external event coming in an email with ICS attachment.
I’d like to be able to transfer to a dedicated e-mail address to import this event in my nextcloud calendar.

Is it already possible ?
or Nice to have feature ?


feel alone.

Can’t find anything in the mountain of messages with this forum tool.

I’m not aware of a ready-to-use solution but you should be able to create a script which extracts the ics file from the email using e.g. ripmime, and import it to a Nextcloud calendar, as described here.

Thanks j-ed,
but I’m really unable to understand what to do, as a beginner…
1- ripmime : I found a set of files with extension .h and .c
-> should I transfer these with Filezilla ?
-> + launch the “install” file
2- import with the link here
-> I was unable to select which answer in the chain and what was the detail you thought of it…
Hope you can quickly orient me towards some rough explanations

You need to install a binary package for your server or compile the binary on your own. .h and .c files are usually source code files and cannot be used without compilation. But who is “we”? Maybe you should ask someone from your IT team supporting you with that issue.