Import a lot of photos and videos with folder structure creation

I’m using NC right now to upload photos and videos from my mobile and I’m really happy with it. Especially the year and month folder structure.

Unfortunately this only works for new photos. For all the old photos I have to create the folder structure by hand.
Addidtionaly I have a lot of old photos and videos on my hard disk that where imported using iPhoto and Windows Photos.
So it’s a big mess and I would like to unify everything using NC.

So is it possible to import all my photos and videos so that:

  1. NC is creating the folder structure for me and
  2. No duplicates are imported ?

No. If they aren’t synced by the auto upload mechanism, it won’t organize or deduplicate them.

The only exception to this I know of is that if they’re still on your phone, the app has an option to upload the entire camera roll.