Images saved from Android Client didn't show up in Google Photos

English is not my native language; please excuse typing and grammar errors.
Phone: Oneplus 9 running ColorOS (the default OS in China) based on Android 11.
App version: 3.16.1
Problem description:
My old phone is a Huawei P10 running Android 9 where the client worked perfectly fine.
A couple of days ago I replaced it with a Oneplus 9 running Android 11. After downloading images from my server, I found none of them shown up in Google Photos and they were not accessable by other apps(like I could’t set them as wallpaper in the system settings and couldn’t post it online via twitter, wechat, etc).
Digging a little deeper, I learnt it may be because of that photo APIs in Android 11 doesn’t traverse folders in path “/Android” after rebooting. It explains why after rebooting, those images show up but the album in google photo won’t refresh when new images are downloaded.
Suggestion of a Possible Solution: Give the user more freedom to choose where to store data(like adding a browsing interface to select the path instead of the currently mere 3 options which all fail to work).
Or is there actually a solution to this issue that I’m not aware of?
Thanks for reading this.

In the nextcloud application, go to SETTINGS, and at the very top of the menu, change “Data storage folder” to anything you like.

Umm… My app(vers 3.16.1) only has three options for me to choose.

Sorry about that, I just looked at the heading and assumed it would give you a more thorough control over the location.

File a bug report here; GitHub - nextcloud/android: 📱 Nextcloud Android app


By default, Nextcloud folder was at the root (/storage/emulated/0/), so nothing was ticked.
I selected the first (/storage/emulated/0/Android/media/com.nextcloud.client), restarted the phone. Now it works.
I can see photos in my gallery application.

Android 11.1