Images are not shown in full size

A pupil sent me some photos of exercises from a book. I uploaded them into Nextcloud as I keep there my math files. Now, I can’t see what’s on these images as Nextcloud only shows a preview. What’s that functionality for if I can’t see images in full size? A preview image isn’t enough as I can’t read the exercises.

High, in order to solve this, you can either disable previews (then it will show the full sizes image to you if you click on it, but there will no small preview images) or you could increase the preview sizes (which will need more storage for storing those)

The idea behind the previews is that it will not load the full-sizes image until you download it which speeds up loading by a lot.

Neither of the suggestions work.

Setting ‘enable_previews’ => false stops generating previews but still only shows a reduced image in the browser, and opening it doesn’t open it in-browser, but opens it in an external application.

Setting ‘preview_max_x’ and ‘preview_max_y’ doesn’t change the 1024x768 size of the gallery view.