Image ID 40dbccb12808 potentially broken

See G+:

Do not use latest collabora/code docker image (image ID 40dbccb12808) - you won’t be able to edit office documents afterwards.

Did anyone else experience this? I haven’t updated yet…

It’s a bit off-topic, but is there a bugtracker or anything related to collabora? There are a number of problems and on the forum it is difficult to keep track. We also don’t know if there is any collabora developer looking here.


  1. You can report bugs of the Collabora Online connector at
  2. You can report bugs of Collabora Online itself (server + client js part) at
  3. Collabora developers read this forum.
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If all works well but the document editing, then it has to be the latest modification of WOPI CheckFileInfo UserCanWrite property, which used to be a string value, but the WOPI standard mandated boolean value. The latest richdocuments a.k.a. Collabora Online connector app has the fix. Please update.

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