I'm very new to nextcloud, how do i make one big partition if im running multiple drives?

As the title says after figuring out Debian and stuff i finally got it working! everything is working smoothly and i am super happy, but the system i installed nextcloud on is on a SSD- hard disk, and i don’t know how to make the storage just one big continuous partition, can anyone help me?

In terms of storage, Nextcloud sees what the OS in runs on (Debian in your case) offers.
If you have multiple drives, you can set them up as RAID5 for example (using Debian tools).
And use it as data directory in Nextcloud…

It would be easier if done before installing Nextcloud…

Welp, guess i did kinda make a mistake, but cant i just direct the directory to the hard disk without setting up a raid?

Yes, if it is one big HDD or SSD. Post more details.

Im running a 120 GB ssd and a 2 TB hard disk and want the HDD space to be available to all the users. The instance is running on a native debian machine.
Im running latest with a mariadb database.

You must use the HDD for data dir. Search for setting or switching the data dir in config/config.php .

How would you do that?

@Momoa1239 did you mount your data disc already to your filesystem?

if so, just use the search field of the forum and type in “mode data” and you get a lot of howtos.