I'm trying to write my own app, emphasis on trying

I’d like to somehow add a bunch of arbitrary items to the file list. These wouldn’t be files, and wouldn’t live on the filesystem, but just links the data for which I’d yank out of a database table. I’ve read in other threads that it’s not possible to override other classes… I’m not sure that’d be right for this anyway.

What’s the right approach for this?

What do you want to do with these entries? Some examples?

What you could do is to add them via a javascript which is getting the information from an ajax->php call
But as said - this is only half the process. You need to trick the fileviewer on what to do with these.

Coming back to the first: tell something about the entries.
A better aproach would be to introduce theses actually as files with whatever info you need - but with a special/own mimetype.
Then you can attach s custom fileaction to these snd all remains consistend without strange hacking…

I use Nextcloud to make my library available. I’ve got a bunch of ebooks, and they’re sorted… not nested too deep, maybe 3 or 4 folders. Some folders are related to others… and I’d like to have a “link” that you can click that takes you to the other folder. Don’t know that it’d be of much use to anyone else.

The links would just be to /f/41133 in my case (another folder), but it’d be generic enough that if I ever want to link out of my site entirely, that should work. I would want them to always sort to the bottom, but maybe that part should be configurable. In most cases these would be named something like “See Also X”. Maybe with a unicode arrow.

I’ve managed to tinker with the texteditor app enough, that I figured out how to add my own entry to that menu, and I’ve figured out how to stuff them into into the database.

Rendering them back on the page though… I’m kind of lost.

I’ve thought about them as files as well, but I’m not sure that’s the right approach for me. There’s no universal standard for a internet shortcut file, and I don’t want to keep them on my filesystem. They’re just metadata.

Symlinks aren’t quite right either (and besides, I’m using those for something else… they link pseudonym folders back to real names).