I'm seeing all users on the server if I search in contacts field

I’ve found a few bugs relating to this, but they have been closed?

I’m still seeing other users when I go to the contacts field.

Is there a current bug or a new setting?

Nobody has any idea?

ummm… why don’t you convey a bit more info about your problem?

not sure what you want me to say?

I said in the topic: “I’m seeing all users on the server if I search in the contacts field”. How can I make this anymore clear?

I’m seeing other users which are not in the same group, when I start writing in the contacts field. It autocompletes all users on the server, even though these users are not supposed to know about eachother.

like: which version of NC do you run… php-version, apache version, logfiles… we don’t know nothing about your instance.

and… why did you delete all the questions that come up here when you file a question under “support”?