Illegal characters in folder name breaks sync

One of our users created a directory with a “?” in the name. The MacOS Owncloud Client (2.30 buld 4097) uploaded it, and now it’s visible in the web frontend, but all clients now fail to synchronize:

/remote.php/webdav/…/something%3F - server replied: Internal Server Error

Deletion or renaming or even just entering the directory is not possible via the web frontend either. (Error deleting / Could not rename / The directory is unavailable).

I deleted the directory from the data directory on the server, but somehow it did not disappear.

How can I get rid of that directory again?

(This is Nextcloud 12.0.2)

Have you tried to do a full scan for that user doing the occ command?

cd to your Nextcloud installation folder and run:

sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all

Thanks, this helped!

Maybe the server should reject such characters in the directory name? Or what’s the underlying problem here?

Best create a new issue and have the devs look into it :slight_smile: