Ignore file list not ignoring files with unsupported character

Nextcloud 25.0.2
Rocky Linux 9
PHP 8.0.20
Mariadb 10.5.16
Apache 2.4.53
Nextcloud Windows Client 3.6.5

Due to a need to support PHP 8, I just migrated from ownCloud to nextCloud 25.0.2. I plan to upgrade to .3 shortly.

Nextcloud is a great product. It works well.

However, I am unable to get the nextCloud Windows client to stop complaining about filenames that contain a colon in the name:

File names containing the character β€œ:” are not supported on this file system

The files in questions are screenshots, originating from my Ubuntu workstation.

Yeah, I get it. NTFS does not support filenames with a colon in the name. To prevent these files from syncing to my Windows client, I added the following ignore file pattern to the windows client app without the quotes: β€œ*:*”.

Unfortunately, this does not work. Each morning when I power on my Windows laptop, I am greeted with the same file sync errors.

Is there a way to resolve this?

I think the ignore files are more for temporary folders or cache-files on your local system that you don’t want to sync to the server.
There is a longer topic (with many referenced topics) on the bug tracker of the client:

Thanks for the pointer! I see this is a long standing issue.

I just noticed that the files on my system causing the issue, were very old screenshots from my Ubuntu desktop, dating back to 2015. Recent versions of Ubuntu use a hyphen, instead of a colon, for screenshot filenames.

Knowing it was unlikely new files would be created containing a colon in the filename, I bulk replaced the colon with a hyphen, in all the files causing the issue.

Good enough for me.

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