If I see photos before preview generator executing

I set preview generator cron is executing every 10mins.

Let’s say I upload some photos and then see them before preview generator cron is executing. Then the photos I’m seeing are original resolution?

If it’s true, I must not see them until cron is executing. Otherwise, cache size in my phone would be bigger! Is my theory correct?

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If you access an image for which a preview hasn’t be created, it will automatically be created on the fly on the first access.

No. The previews/thumbnails are generated on the fly if you browse a folder or the gallery, but this process is rather slow. Especially if you have folders with a lot of pictures in it on a rather slow device like a Raspberry Pi. Threfore you may want to pregenerate the thumbnails.

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I saw photos which weren’t generated yet, but then they took quite long time to show so I thought they just show original resolution but actually they were being generated so it took a bit time to show!