If I delete oc_authtoken table, will Nextcloud create a new table?

According to MySQL error log, my oc_authtoken table has been corrupted (root cause, file system issue).
I’m guessing that table holds app tokens and other easily re-created data.
Will NExtcloud re-create that table (it would obviously be empty) if I simply delete that table? Does it contain other more important information that I would lose (well, I’ve already lost it)
I can obviously experiment, but if someone knows the answer it would save me some time.

P.S. I do have a backup. But in these cases, the question is often WHEN did the corruption occur and therefore which backup should I restore from. Therefore, if the table doesn’t hold terribly important information, and Nextcloud could be made to create a new one it might be far simpler to simply delete that particular table.

This is related to an earlier post where I possibly overcomplicated matters:

That should be easy, rename the table and see what happens.