If I change the Volume Path or Path in Container in docker, will I messed up the tags or albums?

I’m using docker Nextcloud with MariaDB. I have some questions regarding to what kind of changes would messed up the tags and albums.
Let’s say if the following volume to path in container is what I’m using, and the photos in there are already grouped in albums and files are already tagged. The database is stored in another location.

|Host/volume              |Path in container   |
|/media/volume/GDrive     |/container/GDrive    |

If I change the volume path from /media/volume/GDrive to /media/volume/data, while having the path in container unchanged, will I messed up the tags or albums after recreating the docker container?

If I change the path in container from /container/GDrive to container/data, while having the volume path unchanged, will I messed up the tags or album after recreating the docker container?

Is there a documentation somewhere I can learn more how the tags work so I won’t mess it up?

Thank you

Docker would have the documentation you need.

Yes, because that is where the container is looking for the volume.

No, assuming ownership and permissions stay the same. You’ll want to run occ command to re-scan everything to avoid any confusion.

Make a backup before you change anything.


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