IE users can't see files


i’ve successfull installed and configured the Nextcloud appliance including the LDAP/AD-Integration.

But when a new user trys to login with the Internet Explorer 11 there are no files or folders visible and the “Getting started” screen is not visible.
When the users try to login by using firefox or chrome he can see everything without any problem. If the user makes an initial login with chrome or firefox, he can login the next times by using the IE and the user will see all shared files and folders.

The debug log of the IE is reporting a jquery error.

Do you have any ideas?

I have the same Problem.

All User use IE11 or FF 49.0.2

Hi @AvistaOIL,

Error messages are always helpful, to understand and analyze the problem. So please paste the jquery error here and maybe someone can help then.
For now it sounds like the “Getting started” screen requires a feature IE in that version doesn’t support or blocks (rather guessing).
Did adding the NC server to the trusted sites help?

@modder84: do the users use any Addon in Firefox? Did starting FF without any Addon change anything? Do you have any error messages in the Debugger of the integrated Web Developer Tools? There are no custom changes in about:config of Firefox right?