Ideal Android to NextCloud Docs

I am throwing this topic in the only office category, but it’s just a general office question.

As I work on de-Googling my life, I am looking for a replacement for Google docs (which I love, but I hate surveillance).

I keep reading about problems with OnlyOffice. If it worked, I’d use it.

Has anyone found a really great document solution for Android, that they can create and save docs to a NextCloud instance?

Right now even the NextCloud app seems to just download docs to Android.

They’re actually quite a few Android-based Office apps. Anyone find an ice combination of apps that works well?

(I’m defining “works well” as "I can use voice to text on my Android phone, and it’ll automatically save to my NextCloud folder, as I can do with Google docs.)

As of the writing of this question. I’ve done a little research, and found that Collabora Office for Android works the best, with the Gboard voice-to-text for Android and saving documents to my NextCloud instance.