Idea for a Nextcloud app - Usability Card sorting/Tree Sorting app

Hi all,

I’m an independent Usability professional. I use Nextcloud for a lot of my work, cloud storage, video conferencing, polls, surveys, doc writing, Kanban boards.

There are some usability tools that are prohibitively expensive for a small guy like me - card sorting being one. Most of the online Card Sort tools cost at least €1,500-2,400 per year and this is beyond my finances, and most small Usability professionals like me.

Card sorting is a method for designing information architecture, menu structure, or web site navigation paths by asking people to organise information into categories - and then generating a dendrogram.

The analysis algorithims used to analyse the categories, and then generate the dendogram are non-trivial, but are publically available - there is some programmical work required, more than just a front end.

I wonder if a) it was possible to create a Card Sorting app for Nextcloud, and if so b) if anyone here is interested in working on one?

Any thoughts or comments are most welcome!