Idea: App for cookbook and/or recipes

Hi there,

I’m thinking about to create an app to manage recipes.
Currently I’m using Krecipes but there are some features which I miss and other disadvantages.
So I thought why not create an open source Nextcloud app, where the possibility exists to sync with mobile devices later.

What the app should offer:

  • Recipes (with ingredients, categories, preparation info, etc.)
  • Authors
  • Ratings
  • (optional: multiple cookbooks)

What do you think about this idea?
Is there anyone who likes this idea and want to help in development?

Best regards,

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Sounds like a wiki would be your ideal solution. Nextcloud does not specifically support any particular wiki system, but you could try out hosting DokuWiki or adding a TidddlyWiki, which saves everything into a single html file. Contents could be indexed using theFull Text Search app.

It isn’t in the appstore yet, but the NextNote app is being developed to support rich text notes.

Thanks for your reply!
I don’t think that DokuWiki, TidddlyWiki or NextNote App is a good replacement for a “real” recipe management software.
I’ve found OpenEats which offers all needed capabilities.

I know this thread stopped a while ago, but I just started this app:

Hi @jzapp
This app looks very nice, and I like the import function :wink:
Thanks, a while ago, I started to create my own application ( with a whole database in the backend.
Maybe we could connect them somehow?

great, @jzapp
would you mind, adding a github (etc) homepage to it?