ICS Imported in calendar not shown

I’m a new user of Nextcloud (Versions: 22 | 23 | stable | latest), just installed on my webserver. After normal setup I’ve imported a test .ics file, to understand how it works. The import completed without any error, but no event was visible. I tried then to export it and all events were correctly exported in a new .ics file. I’m baffled… I think I’m missing some very basic step, but I’m lost… Import OK export OK NO event visible.
Any suggestione?

I tested this functionality this weekend, but you probably just need to be more patient.

Thanks Daphne for your answer, but… it’s not as you said, I waited long time to no available. Then I did some more test I found maybe the problem: after looking at the text file (.ics) I’ve seen a difference in the format od two values (DTSART/DTEND). The event created by hand in Nextcloud and exported it was:
while the same in the .ics (exported from a different calendar system) was:
I’ll try to reformat my ics in the other formta to verify if it will be imported. But the question now is: where can I find the specification for ics files accepted by nextcloud?
Any help is welcome.

Here you go in terms of specifiation for ics files: https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc5545

As a starting point you could create some events in a calendar, export the calendar and have a closer look at the event structure. That in combination with RFC 5545 is probably a better approach than simply studying the rfc alone.

Hi Bernie, thanks a lot, but looking at RFC 5545 I can see both formats are valid (as they are in my previous message). My question was for “specification for ics files accepted by nextcloud

Nextcloud internally uses sabre/vobject to parse calendar data which fully supports RFC5545: sabre/vobject - sabre/vobject
If both DTSTART properties are valid, your problem is maybe somewhere else to be found?
Sorry I can’t help any further.

EDIT-1: for further investigation you could use the cli tool to debug the icalendar object you are trying to import: CLI tool - sabre/vobject

Another thought I just had:

Did you click on the dot next to the calendars name in the nextcloud calendar app after importing the calendar? This toggles the visibility of the events.

Hi, it’s looking very interesting, and I would be able to use it, but even if I am quite seasoned (50+yr in computing… from Ibm Assembler 360 and several languages) it will take some times to invest in this… I think now I’ll try to import some ics data with different date format, to find if that is really the problem. If negative maybe I’ll invest some time to install sabre on my webserver (hosted…). Wish me good luck.