Icon size too large in file manager

I updated to version 2.6 yesterday. The sync icon is so large that in file explorer, the base icon of application (like docx, folder etc) are not visible at all. The sync icon is just a plain square icon with size larger than icon. So unless I make View Large Icons, unable to decide which file format are in my pc.

Any suggestions to revert back to earlier small blue / green sync icon at base of file icon ?

Hello @abhay Welcome to the Nextcloud forums.

Could you share a screenshot with us?

Have you checked GitHub for related issues?

Posting two images. One with small icon and other medium. The change occurred moment I updated.

The issue has been gone off though I have not done anything ! I did lots of searching for shell extensions etc in the forum and finally posted the query when could not resolve. Today, I posted the images and post noon, the problem has gone on its own !
No clue what has happened but am very glad it is gone !

Thanks for the quick reply and kind support.

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